Friday, June 24, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

June 14th I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I was beginning to have problems with my checks swelling and always feeling like someone punch me in the side of the face, so I was pretty excited to have them removed. The surgery went well and I felt fine. A few days after the surgery the swelling in my face got worse and I had to go back to see the Oral Surgeon. He said I had abnormal swelling and gave me an antibiotic to take to help the swelling go down. I wasn't in any pain but I had a hard time eating, talking and I couldn't smile. It was pretty funny so I decided I should take some pictures.

Right after surgery. The strings are connected to the cotton balls that are in the back of my mouth. I don't remember taking this picture of myself at all! Haha

Later that night. You can see the start of a little swelling.

The day after surgery:
I decided to go to work the day after because I didn't just want to sit at home. I had only been to work for two hours when my boss told me to go home because the swelling in my face had gotten worse. 

Haha! My moms creation! This helped out a lot! I was getting sick of holding ice packs on my face so my mom decided to tie two bandanas together to help hold the ice packs.

The third day: 
When I woke up that morning, the swelling in my face had moved down the right side of my neck and up the inside of my eye on the left. I went back to see the Oral Surgeon and he said that I had abnormal swelling. Haha I'm smiling in this picture!!! 

 I decided to FatBooth myself. The top picture is a normal picture of me and the bottom picture is the FatBooth version of me. Haha! 

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  1. what a sweet mom.. My mom would also do something like that to help me out!