Friday, June 12, 2009

What a month :)

So much has happened these past few weeks... Shaleece graduated from High School as a Junior and received a scholarship to Utah State!! We are very very proud of her!  My mom rode her butt off in the Little Red Ridding Hood bike race and peddled 46 miles!  Daisy got spayed and had to wear a diaper which was HILARIOUS!  I finally turned 20, and in 2 weeks, my family is going to Yellowstone for the first time.  I'm way excited! Just a quick little update... Here are some pictures!

Shaleece's Graduation!

Bike Race

They forgot to cross the finish line :)

Happy Birthday to me!

Flower and balloons from my great friend Bel!

Daisy and I. I don't think she likes birthdays very much. 

Daisy in her diaper.. haha

This one is my favorite! :)